Send a “buy-signal” to Lime Go. The signal will hit a company and increase it's temperature indicating that it might be an interesting prospect.

A signal needs to have an identifying name, strength (by which it will increase the company temperature), and an organization and/or person. The API will send error codes if these required fields are not populated.
A signal can be either matched to an existing company and/or person in Lime Go otherwise they are created instead.

Remember that you will need authentication, the API key is found in Lime Go under "Settings" > "Integrations" > "Lime Go API-Keys". Read more on the "Getting started" page.

How the matching works:

A company can be matched using its organization number or vat number. These values can be provided in the StringMatch field.

If no company is found in Lime Go using either of those 2 values or just one of them then an organization is created with a company name
based on the values that were provided in the request for either of the fields below:
• OrganizationName
• PersonFirstName and PersonFirstName
• PersonEmail
If values for the person fields are provided then a person is created in the newly created company as well.
If values are not provided for any of the fields above then the name of the new company is based on the OrganizationNumber, OrganizationVatNumber and OrganizationSourceNativeId

If the StringMatch field is not filled then a match is tried using one of the values in these fields below in the following priority:
• OrganizationId
A person is matched by using any of the available person fields in the request or created under the organization.
• OrganizationSourceNativeId
Similarly like with the OrganizationId field, a person is matched or created.
• PersonId
In this case a signal is created with the Organization that the person is employed at.
• PersonEmail or PersonPhoneNumber
• OrganizationNumber, Name, VatNumber, PersonEmail
If none of the above values match a company in Lime Go then the company and person are created similarly to how they are created when the StrictMatch field is provided.

Read more about Lime Go and signals in our FAQ.